DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

A Social and Transformative Sexologist with a background in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design. She has more than 20 years of education, experience, and expertise.

Her areas of specialty are in the areas of:
Human Relationships and Sexology Anthropologic and Educational Psychology Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

She is committed to revolutionizing and decolonizing sex and sexuality to create safe and equitable spaces for people of diverse backgrounds. She is an openly Non-Monogamous, Queer, Demisexual, Black, and Indigenous cisgender woman who has had her share of oppressive experiences.

Facebook The Center for Transformative Sexology (TC4TS) is committed to blending Transformative Learning with Educational Sexology to cause SHIFT in how we communicate about sex, sexuality and intimacy.

Facebook This page is a space to SHARE, HAVE FUN and ENGAGE with people who were BORN Polyamorous. We don't teach about DOING Polyamory. We embrace BEING Polyamorous. READ THE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY PAGE FOR GUIDELINES

Facebook This page is not being managed daily but still has a lot of psot that are relevent. Skin Hunger is an undetected change in moods thoughts and behaviors as a result of not getting the minimum daily touch interactions required for survival.

Broomsticks & Cords:
Commitment Ceremony Services
DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

Marriage, Commitment, and Funeral Services provided in person (N. Texas, Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona) and online. Cost varies depending on dates and location. Queer/Trans/Intersex and BIPOC affirming Ordained Minister with official documentation. $50 refundable deposit used to secure dates Book an online or in-person Marriage, Funeral, or Commitment Ceremony and be honored for who you are and the way you love.

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C.u.d.d.l.e Sutra
DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

C.u.d.d.l.e: Communication using deliberate displays of love and emotions

Sutra: A simple yet distinct set of truths, rituals, or principles that are shared and passed down among people

C.u.d.d.l.e Sutra: The practice of distinct principles in consent communication, non-sexual sensate focus touch, and mindfulness that bring about relaxation, connection, and overall peace, joy and wellness.

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From Conflict
To Connection

DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

Of the things that rob us of connection, affinity and love is conflict. While we all know that conflict happens, few of us would say that we can boldly, powerfully and effectively navigate conflict. For the most part, we simply ignore it and hope it goes away. But what if you could reliably move beyond conflict to have access to relationships and conversations that bring joy and wonder to your life and theirs?

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Group Coaching
DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

Join us for a new subject matter every day! The topics are posted on our Facebook page.
Feel free to DROP IN for a single session or purchase an unlimited subscription with access to more than 40 sessions per month...that's just $1.00 for each session.

Subscribers get access to our Facebook and What's App Groups, Content Polls, Merchandise Give Aways and so much more.

   Sexuality Education
  Shadow Work
   SJW & Decolonization
  Non-Monogamy & Relationships

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(Self Sensate)

DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

Sensate Focus is a progressive, touch based Sex Therapy practice designed to generate intimacy, closeness and self discovery.

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Success Cohort
DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

This is a Cohort group that starts with a quarterly training that is supported with on going conversations for success! You will have access to collaboration with others, coaching and ongoing support!

Training Quarter Dates
July 8-10th
October 14-16
January 13-15
April 7-9
July 7-9

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Untamed Unicorns
DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

Have you heard people call you a "Unicorn" or a "Dragon"? The promised outcome of this course is that you will be left present to your ability to create a safe and powerful relationship that leaves you seen, heard and valued.

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