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DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

A Social and Transformative Sexologist with a background in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design. She has more than 20 years of education, experience, and expertise. Her areas of specialty are in the areas of: Human Relationships and Sexology Anthropologic and Educational Psychology Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice She is committed to revolutionizing and decolonizing sex and sexuality to create safe and equitable spaces for people of diverse backgrounds. She is an openly Non-Monogamous, Queer, Demisexual, Black, and Indigenous cisgender woman who has had her share of oppressive experiences. The mission she has created for The Center of Transformative Sexology is not only the fulfillment of her professional goals but also her personal commitment to leaving the world a better, more inclusive and transformed place for her son and for future generations yet to come.

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