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The Center for Transformative Sexology knows that the field of Sexology has historically missed the mark in meeting the needs of a variety of communities.
The impact of those unmet needs has resulted in many people experiencing confusion and loneliness. In some of the worst cases, the lack of inclusion
has led to harmful situations such as homelessness, social isolation,
suicide, and harm from others.

TC4TS believes that through openness, education, collaboration, and restorative justice we can contribute to a paradigm shift in how human beings experience, express and explore Sex and Sexology.

To do that, we include transformative, ontological and experiential learning approaches that center the learner in their experiences and education. Transformative Learning is proven to be a powerful source for self-generated, ongoing, and reliable results in personal growth and discovery. The results that
we can offer vary from person to person. However, the majority of people we
work with say that they have had more breakthroughs, made the most difference and have had the most powerful results when they engage with our services than any other Coaching, Relationship Wellness or Sexological services.

While we may not be a fit for everyone*, we do strive to be inclusive and supportive of most people regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship expression, placement on the neurological spectrum, asexual/sexual exploration or sexological needs

*We are unable to work with anyone who is currently registered as a sexual offender or anyone who is seeking medication or diagnosis for sexual impairments or dysfunction.

7 Sexual Conversations (7 C's)

Sexology is the study of Medical, Anatomical, and Social Sciences that comprise what we know about sex, sexuality and our sexual selves. 

Inside of Sexology, we find the following 7 conversations. Our drive is to bring these conversations into everyday comunication.

Systems, Science & Sexology

Systems, Science, and Sexology discuss the structures or systems that determine how we establish our standards and expectations.

Systems include (and are not limited to) laws around sex, marriage, and how we experience a default Monogamous society, despite knowing that not all people are Monogamous. Science plays a role in this conversation as it is often the backdrop for legal and systemic decisions. Sexology studies, and often reflects, how these two areas impact one another.

Race, Culture & Decolonization

Race, Culture, and Decolonization discussions include areas such as Religion, Customs, and Family structures that contribute to and shape our thoughts about ourselves in a sexual context.

Decolonization allows people to discover who they would be without the influences of others. This is especially true when the influence comes from a culture that is not the identity of origin for the person doing the discovery.

Gender, Identity & Sexual Orientation

Gender, Identity, and Sexual Orientation are concepts that are closely related, often confused, and yet arise separately from one another.

Gender includes all the ways we do (or do not) express the social constructs found on the spectrum. Gender is a fluid concept and may show up (or not) in each person as a unique experience.

How we express our identity can happen in a variety of ways, including the number of partners we have at one time, the pronouns we use and how we are (or are not) attracted to people.

Sexual orientation describes who we are attracted to in relationship to their gender, identity and orientation.

Health & Neurology

Our mental, physical, and medical health play a major role in our overall well-being.

In the area of sexual wellness, this includes how we access, discuss, legislate and navigate who we find sexually acceptable or worthy. We often limit people who we feel are too old, mentally different, or physically disabled from conversations about sexual pleasure and discovery.

(Equity, Education & Economics)

For people to fully experience freedom and the wholeness of who they are, there must be equitable access to comprehensive Sexuality Education and protection of rights to pursue the basic human rights of all people in all areas.

Unfortunately, economics plays a huge part in who has this access and how they are allowed to have it. Additionally, society sees people who have access to wealth as being more worthy of sexual access, freedom, and choice. By powerfully engaging in conversations that shift the views of how we access sex, we create a space for balance and human dignity for more people.

Trauma & Transformation

Trauma work and conversations about how to prevent, overcome and heal from trauma often dominate Sexological conversations.

However, they can also trap people in a world of accepting trauma and not moving to transformation.

Self-Expression, Exploration & Shadow Work

Self-Expression, Exploration, and Shadow Work allow space for people to discover, discuss and unpack their pleasures and blocks in sex and sexuality.

Shadow Work deals with the blindspots and things we don't know about ourselves that stop us from fully enjoying an orgasmic life.

DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed

A Social and Transformative Sexologist with a background in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design. She has more than 20 years of education, experience, and expertise.

Her areas of specialty are in the areas of:

Human Relationships and Sexology Anthropologic and Educational Psychology Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

She is committed to revolutionizing and decolonizing sex and sexuality to create safe and equitable spaces for people of diverse backgrounds. She is an openly Non-Monogamous, Queer, Demisexual, Black, and Indigenous cisgender woman who has had her share of oppressive experiences.

The mission she has created for The Center of Transformative Sexology is not only the fulfillment of her professional goals but also her personal commitment to leaving the world a better, more inclusive and transformed place for her son and for future generations yet to come.

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